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Original release date: March 7, 2022

CISA has added 11 new vulnerabilities to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog, based on evidence that threat actors are actively exploiting the vulnerabilities listed in the table below. These types of vulnerabilities are a frequent attack vector for malicious cyber actors of all types and pose significant risk to the federal enterprise. Note: to view the newly added vulnerabilities in the catalog, click on the arrow on the of the “Date Added to Catalog” column, which will sort by descending dates.

CVE ID  Vulnerability Name  Due Date 


Mozilla Firefox Use-After-Free Vulnerability 3/21/2022
CVE-2022-26485 Mozilla Firefox Use-After-Free Vulnerability 3/21/2022
CVE-2021-21973 VMware vCenter Server and Cloud Foundation Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Vulnerability 3/21/2022
CVE-2020-8218 Pulse Connect Secure Code Injection Vulnerability 9/7/2022
CVE-2019-11581 Atlassian Jira Server and Data Center Server-Side Template Injection Vulnerability 9/7/2022
CVE-2017-6077 NETGEAR DGN2200 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability 9/7/2022
CVE-2016-6277 NETGEAR Multiple Routers Remote Code Execution Vulnerability 9/7/2022
CVE-2013-0631 Adobe ColdFusion Information Disclosure Vulnerability 9/7/2022
CVE-2013-0629 Adobe ColdFusion Directory Traversal Vulnerability 9/7/2022
CVE-2013-0625 Adobe ColdFusion Authentication Bypass Vulnerability 9/7/2022
CVE-2009-3960 Adobe BlazeDS Information Disclosure Vulnerability 9/7/2022


Binding Operational Directive (BOD) 22-01: Reducing the Significant Risk of Known Exploited Vulnerabilities established the Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog as a living list of known CVEs that carry significant risk to the federal enterprise. BOD 22-01 requires FCEB agencies to remediate identified vulnerabilities by the due date to protect FCEB networks against active threats. See the BOD 22-01 Fact Sheet for more information.  

Although BOD 22-01 only applies to FCEB agencies, CISA strongly urges all organizations to reduce their exposure to cyberattacks by prioritizing timely remediation of Catalog vulnerabilities as part of their vulnerability management practice. CISA will continue to add vulnerabilities to the Catalog that meet the meet the specified criteria

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